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This is very unique, I find the melody hypnotizing and beautiful. While I agree parts of the mix could be a little louder such as the organ on the intro, the vocals are good enough to stand on their own that I don't think it really matters. Because to me, the main focus was on the vocal melody and thats where it succeeds the most and in a fantastic way. Awesome work and an over all fine production. I dig it.

TheMoebiusProject responds:

Oh!, Thank you very much. Has changed a little but not too much since I uploaded this. I specially love to play it live. Anyways, thanks for listening and I'll be updating almost everything I have uploaded very soon.

I love the melody on this song and that bass is freaking awesome! It really adds a nice touch of menece to the over all feeling of madness. Excellent work man!

Jacob responds:

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. :) And I love the Green Day reference in your username.

Well that was different. Props for versatility man, good production as always.

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Hey! I remember you fom Sheezy Art. I found your artwork through a user I watch, they had you in their favorites and I recognized your style.

Anyway I really like the shape of the hair and use of perspective on her arm. There's a nice subtle flow to the strap of the bass guitar the way that it got all twisted up as guitar straps often do. Good to see your work again.

I've been playing guitar since I was 11 and started writing songs in my late teens. I mostly write rock music but occasionally dabble in instrumentals. Everything here is recorded at home in bedrooms or in basements.

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